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About us

Faith Family Fellowship is located in the heart of Alvin, Texas.  We are a christian church where you will feel at home and experience a Holy Spirit led ministry.

Our Mission:

To save the lost & disciple the saved

Our Vision:

Building a healthy church who loves God, loves one another and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Culture:

Jesus is OUR Message,

WORSHIP is our passion,

the Word of God is the SOURCE,

the Holy Spirit is our MANIFESTATION,

building the KINGDOM of God is our MISSION

What we Believe:

  • The Bible is the Inspired Word of God

  • The Godhead

  • The Creation of Man

  • The Fall of Man

  • The Salvation of Man - the New Birth

  • Water Baptism

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  • Repentance from Dead Works and of Faith towards God

  • The Church and its' Mission

  • The Laying of Hands

  • Divine Healing

  • Resurrection from the dead and eternal Judgement

  • The Millennial Reign of Christ

  • The New Heavens and the New Earth

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